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    Finding Nemo Pinata Game and History
Finding Nemo pinata is a fun party game to play at a party.  Finding Nemo is an underwater adventure between a father and son, Nemo, a boy clownfish, who is tragically stolen away from the safety of his coral reef home, and his timid father must search the dangerous and unforgiving ocean to find him.  During a Finding Nemo party, the kids love to have a pinata filled with yummy candy.  The adults love to set up the pinata and beg the kiddies for pieces of their new found treasures.  Also, at the Finding Nemo party having a little pinata history trivia might be fun knowledge to share for some themed party talk.

How to make a Finding Nemo pinata? A homemade pinata!  With limited time and the low cost of buying a new pinata, the art of making party pinatas has been reduced. But some parents like to do it as a fun kids activity.  So How do you make a Pinata? This is step by step instructions on making a pinata. Allow 3 days to make the pinata:

Pinata Parts List
* Large Balloon or beach ball
* Old Newspapers
* White Glue
* Scissors
* Tape (regular or masking)
* Thin Cardboard
* Crayons, markers, poster paint
* Tissue Paper or Construction Paper
* String or Yarn
* Knife
* Pinata Filler (Candy and Mini-Toys)

Blow up the balloon or beach ball. Tear newspapers into strips about 1 inch wide and about 6 inches long. Tearing rather than cutting is important, it helps the strips lie flat on top of each other. Pour some of the glue into a bowl. Dip the newspaper strips into the glue and spread them onto the balloon. Thoroughly cover the balloon, leaving a small hole at the top to remove the balloon and fill the pinata. Let the first layer dry.

Repeat this two more times, until the paper mache is built up to a good thickness. The next day if the paper feels dry when you touch it, then wrap the balloon with the yarn to give it strength to hold when swinging it. Add another two layers of glue and newspapers. Let it dry for another day. Remove the balloon.

Ideas for Decorating the Pinata:
Traditional shapes for the pinata include donkeys , fish and birds. Roll the cardboard to make legs and a head for the donkey, then build up the shape with more paper mache. Shape a cone for the head and tail of a fish, then add fins and eyes. Use additional layers of paper mache to make it more 'fish like'. A similar technique will create a bird body, onto which can then be added wings, legs and a tail. When the shape is finished and dry, fill the pinata with candy and goodies, and cover the hole with a few layers of paper.

A simpler pinata can be made as a ball with decorated paper mache cones sticking out all over it. Paper streamers hang from the cones.

Then paint the Finding Nemo pinata. Pinatas should be bright and colorful. Crepe paper streamers cut up with a fringe can be curled up with the help of the pencil, and glued onto the pinata. Start from the bottom and layer them overlapping. Decorate the cones with the crepe paper, adding strings to the tips.

Making your own pinatas is a fun activity with the kids.  Nowadays creating your own pinata is not to save money but to be creative with the kids to make something unique.

Finding Nemo Pinata
Finding Nemo Pinata
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Pinata Blindfold and Bat
Pinata Candy and Toys

History of Pinatas
History of Pinatas has mixed thoughts, they probably originated in China (but the Chinese most likely never imagined a Finding Nemo pinata). They were brought to Italy by Marco Polo, and from there was adopted by the Italians, Spanish and the French. The Spanish Conquistadors introduced them to Mexico, and the custom spread through Latin America. Papier-m�ch� (paper mache) is a western version of the pinata which is used to make a pinata. The original pi�atas were made of clay. 

Finding Nemo Pinata
Pinata Filler Toys and Candy
Pinata Mask and Pinata Bat

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